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About Me

My story...I chose my clown name because it was the name of my favorite childhood doll, although her name was spelled “Butterball”. That’s me, holding her, in the first picture, with my mother and brother beside me. I picked her out on a trip to the Two Guys department store in northern New Jersey with my mother as the doll I hoped Santa would bring me. On Christmas morning, there she was! I was five years old and thrilled with my new ”baby”. After I became a clown, I wished I could find a Butterball doll, never dreaming she had become a collectable. Imagine my surprise when I discovered there were collector websites and that she was occasionally for sale on eBay! After bidding unsuccessfully for a doll in 2004, I thought that even if I found a Butterball doll again, I'd never be the winning bidder because the bid went much higher than I would have paid.

Meant for Me...


Two years later, in October of 2006, my beloved mother passed away, and I decided to try again to find a Butterball doll. It was even more important to me then, as the doll and my mother shared in a very special memory for me. Not only did I find one that someone had discovered at an estate sale, I was the winning bidder at far less than I ever thought possible! The box arrived two weeks before Christmas, and I decided to wait and open it on Christmas morning. My younger son, who was thirteen at the time, offered to wrap it and put it under the tree. Another Butterball for me for Christmas! Seeing her again after all those years brought back a rush of feelings, taking me right back to that living room with the spindly tree, the warmth of family, and the memory of my mother, who will forever be in my heart.


I have now been clowning professionally for nineteen years and I love it. I've changed so much in this time, both in my skill level and my look, and I delight in sharing what I do with you. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your celebrations. It's a blessing and a privilege.




My original Butterball doll

Butterball Doll


(Look how much I've changed over the years!)

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