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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a limit to how many children can be at the party?

A. You can have as many guests as you'd like at the party. What you need to consider is how many guests I can make balloons for or     face paint in the time allowed. I can paint approximately eighteen guests in an hour, and can twist approximately twenty-five         simple balloon designs or fifteen fancier balloons in an hour. There is no limit to the amount of guests that can watch the show.

Q. How long is your magic show?

A. My magic show is thirty minutes long which is perfect when I am also face painting or doing balloons. I can extend the show to       forty-five minutes as needed.

Q. What ages will enjoy your magic show?

A. My show is designed for four to nine-year olds, but I have had three and a half- year-olds sit actively engaged in the show ( it         depends on the child). Some older kids will enjoy it; again, it depends on the child. It is very interactive- I have the children do           most of the magic. I will always ask the birthday child if they would like to come up and participate but am very sensitive to their     response. I never push a child into doing it and quickly move on to another volunteer if I see that the birthday child does not           want to be in the spotlight. Adults love the show, and love watching the kids enjoy it. 


Q. My party starts at 2:00. What time should I have you arrive?


A. If your party is two hours, I suggest booking me at the start time since my parties start at one and a half hours in length .This         gives you time after I am finished for cake, presents, piñata, etc. If your party is longer than two hours, I suggest you have me           arrive thirty minutes (or later) after your party start time. This allows time for your guests to arrive, say hello, eat, and settle in a       bit.  


Q. Are kids scared of you?


A. I have found that very few children are afraid of me, and I have been doing this for nineteen years. I have had many shy or               reticent children warm up to me quickly and enjoy having me at the party. I am gentle and never push myself on anyone. I let           them take their time and decide for themselves that I am fun and safe as they see me interacting with the other kids.  My make-     up is light and they can see my face, which makes them feel better. There will always be children that are nervous around                 Santa, the Easter Bunny, Chuck E. Cheese, clowns or other costumed characters. I am respectful of this and never make a child feel     badly because they don't want to get close to me. 

Q. Is your paint safe for skin? How does it come off?

A. I use the finest water-based quality paints and supplies on the market, all FDA approved with no unsafe ingredients. You can           remove the painting with soap and water or baby wipes. 

Q. What can you do for kids three and under?

A. I have a special program for the very young kids. Music, movement, puppets, parachute play (room allowing), and bubbles (where        appropriate). 

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